These Are Three Tips For Choosing Good Rice

Good rice is certainly influenced by two things, namely how to cook it and the rice used. For how to cook, maybe you have a comparison between slow cooker vs crock pot. However, how to cook also will not affect if the rice you use is rice with poor quality. For that, you may need some tips to choose rice with good quality.

1. Display
You may buy rice with a white color because it is considered more attractive. In fact, you should choose rice with a clear color but slightly yellowish. Make sure that the rice you buy is free of small pebbles and fleas that are very annoying.

2. Texture
Good rice has a texture that is not easily broken. Bite the rice, if easily destroyed then the rice does not have good quality.

3. Price
It’s good you know the variety of rice that you will buy as a guide to assess whether the rice is good rice or not