How to Select a Domain Name for SEO Friendly?

Some argue that the domain does not affect SEO. But it will be different if you know that Google has more than 200 domain factors including domain elements. For that in choosing a domain name and SEO should not be arbitrary. In addition, this time SEO is not the only thing that can raise your website ranking in Google search engine. Unique content articles with the help of Spinjutsu can also affect your website ranking. In addition, the domain also includes one of the important things to rank SEO. Well, here are some tips!

Choose an Easy to Remember Domain
Make sure that your domain name is unique and easy to remember. It is because the name of the domain is directly related to your custom and is considered memorable.
– Domain names must be created with easy-to-write, read, and remembered criteria.
– Reflects on the topic you create.
– Unique and available.
– Does not contain hyphens.
– Protected by law.

Here are 3 ways to choose a memorable domain name:
– Descriptive, create a domain name related to the content of your site. First, you need to explain the topic and tell the customer about your site. Then, write the keywords from the topic and find the antonyms or synonyms associated with the keywords in your topics.
– The brand name creates your own memorable and unique brand name. To make it look unique, try using mixing and word-cutting methods. You can use other affixes or foreign words. If you choose this way, advertise the services you need.
–, you can also build your own name. However, this type of method is often used by bloggers.

Domain names with unprofessional and rude keywords are not impressive. According to a 2013 survey, using keywords in a domain name accounted for 6.98% in google rankings. Currently, the lift is down, but if your domain name has a natural keyword it still looks safe. Here we will introduce various kind of domain names rich in keywords:
– EMDs (Exact Match Domain): includes all the keywords in your site rankings. This is the best SEO representative.
– PMDs (Partial Match Domains): just enter some keywords in your rank.
– Domain Not Match: This does not include keywords. Have a little SEO advantage by bringing SEO benefits in the long run.