The strong opinion about Umrah in Islam

The strongest opinion in this regard, ‘umroh is mandatory for the once-able capable of life. While the opinion which states the law of Sunnah (mu’akkad) the argument is considered weak (dho’if) so cannot be made hujjah. So for the able, once in a lifetime, it is advisable to try to perform umroh worship. Meanwhile, you may want to see the umrah packages 2018 as well.

Worship ‘Umroh can be directly accomplished with the pilgrimage that is by doing pilgrimage in tamattu’ or qiran. Because in the pilgrimage tamattu ‘and hajj qiran already exist’ umroh in it. So the virtue of umroh worship can be aligned with the pilgrimage that became the pillars of Islam and required for the capable.

A great Islamic scholar’s opinion about it

This opinion is embraced by Imam Asy-Shafii according to the most valid version of his two opinions, Imam Ahmad according to another version, Ibn Hazm, some scholars of the Maliki school of thought, the Imamiyyah schools, Asy-Sya’bi, and Ats-Tsauri.

This opinion is also the opinion of the majority of scholars from among friends and others, and they agree that its implementation is only once a lifetime as Hajj.