The price for buying used computer components for building a gaming PC

It’s because the price is not affected by import cost or foreign exchange rate, usually, the price of the former components rarely fluctuate. The only factor affecting the price of computer components which in ขายคอมมือสอง is the ‘supply and demand’ factor. That’s why the market price of Intel Core i7 2600K processor is still high. Many are looking for this processor because of its performance factor which is not even too far with Skylake processor if playing GPU bound games like in this article. Which means even Sandy Bridge processor can still handle a Titan X (as in the test bench article just now).

Well, maybe after you read this article, you start considering to assemble a gaming PC using used components. Here are some tips to consider:

Although the used components are much cheaper, it would be nice to buy HDD and PSU in a new state. You do not want to lose your data or lose your PC components because your PSU is damaged.

RAM (specifically DDR3) is also better buy new. The price of RAM DDR3 can be quite down because the supply is now abundant. Although the average RAM has a lifetime warranty, I still recommend you to buy new RAM.

Ask for the seller’s personal warranty, if the goods you purchased the manufacturer’s warranty are exhausted (if the seller wants). Instead of being prejudiced against the seller, but as I said above, we never know if at any time the newly purchased item is suddenly broken. If the seller wants, ask for personal warranty for 3 days – 1 week to him. This is better than you have to bother taking care of the goods you buy.

If the seller is still a town with you, you might be able to try things first. If the seller offers to test his goods first in his house before the deal and by chance, your location is still quite close to the seller, do not waste this opportunity. In addition, you can ensure that the goods you buy are good, you can also stay in touch with the seller, right? Who knows you and the seller can be a close friend afterward.