Ordering Ramen at Vending Machine? Why Not?

Latest, Japan has a vending machine used to order food. If usually we will be served by a waiter who will ask the menu to be ordered, now represented by the machine. Thus, we can actually eat whatever we really want without fear of misinformation. Here’s how to use it!

Put Money
Each menu is displayed on the screen vending machine has been equipped with the price. Enter the desired amount of ramen price, either paper money or coins.

Choose Food
After entering the money, then the button from ramen that can be ordered in accordance with the money we enter will be lit. For example, you enter 500 yen money, then only ramen with the price of 500 yen only the button will glow. Press the button and order are done.

Download the Receipt
Wait for the receipt paper and payment out. Do not forget to take the return yes. When finished take the receipts into the restaurant.

Redeem Receipt of Food
Redeem a receipt for a food that has a message.