Mistakes in Doing a Cardio Exercise That Will Keep You Fat

Cardio training such as swimming, walking, jogging, cycling and exercising with the best treadmill under 1000 for running is one of the most popular and easy to do exercises. Many people rely on cardio exercises to lose weight. And many of them later became disappointed. Instead of losing weight, even increases. This happens, perhaps because there is a misunderstanding in practicing cardio exercises. Here’s a cardio misunderstanding that can make even weight jump!

1. More focus on cardio than strength training
2. First cardio exercise then lift the load
3. Must burn at least 500 calories when practicing cardio
4. Stay in the fat burning zone, if you want to lose weight
5. Cardio on an empty stomach burns fatter
6. Practicing the running style is the best way to lose weight

Well, to achieve the goal of weight loss, add strength or load training along with your running routine. Weight training will train the muscles, so the body more effectively burns fat and calories.