Be Careful, Diabetes Apparently Also Attack Pregnant Women

Not only attacking a person with a young age, also proved to have an opportunity to attack pregnant women. Apparently, there are some women who have very high levels of sugar during pregnancy. This makes their body unable to produce enough insulin . There are about 15 to 18 people among 100 pregnant women who suffer from this disease.

Pregnant women who suffer from this disease also has a high enough risk level because it affects the mother and the fetus that is in his body. For that, it is recommended for pregnant women to always control blood sugar levels in the body. Pregnant women should be more careful in choosing what foods they consume in order to keep the baby’s condition in the body healthy and can pass a good pregnancy.

Unfortunately, is the risk of type 2 diabetes in women who have experienced it during pregnancy is about three times higher than the population in general. So whatever your current state, the thing you need to remember is to always keep your diet.