Assisting your child to become a genius

The doctors said, babies within three months of pregnancy already have feelings, four months have been able to feel the sound from outside. This outer voice will continue to stimulate the child’s sense organs in the womb and promote growth, have an important role in the growth of intelligence. Basically cerebral cortex (part of the brain that is important to remember, pay attention, realize, think, understand language and so on) baby in the womb has been formed at the age of 5-6 months, if at this time playing music or performed gentle massage on the stomach will can increase the child’s intelligence growth. Meanwhile, you can also try foam puzzle when your kid becomes old enough to play an educational toy.

The Foundations of Intelligence Developed in the Childhood Period
Since the baby was born, the father-mother has an important role to teach her basic knowledge. If only the father of the mother at this stage can guide the child with generous, respectful and affectionate, then not only can lay a unique personality base for the child, can even make children have the ability to learn and good social attitude. Thus, the role of the father of the mother is not only to raise, even assume a great responsibility as a “personal teacher”.